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Romance in Lavender Village

Prequel to the Family Heirloom series

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The Bookworm
Isabel Neale does not believe in true love — that stuff happens in books. So, a couple of days before Christmas, she wonders why she is so affected when she meets the mysterious man in the bookshop.

The Visitor
Cameron Scott has memories and a past from Lavender Village. He returns there for a job interview only to find a complication: an attractive woman who he meets in the bookshop and later finds fallen on ice in a snowstorm! He does the only thing he can think of — he takes her to safet...

A Sparkling Love

Published: 2/17/2024

It’s been several months since the chair in the bookshop had any influence over anything. The last time it did, Abigai...

Praise for A Sparkling Love

A Returning Love

Published: 4/27/2024

Up to its tricks again, the rocking chair in the bookshop plays with Abigail when she collects her new book from the shop. Knowing that Abigail’s partner is stuck in France, the c...