The Wounds That No One Sees – YA Book

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“I thought it was a good read… It looks at three teenagers who have physical problems. I thought the dancer was the most interesting…” Boy aged 15

“I have a twin, so I felt a lot for Tanya and what she was going through. This novel is all about overcoming adversity. I liked the writing style. There are lots of sad moments, but lots of happy, uplifting moments too.” Female reader, aged 15

“As I’m healthy, I don’t think about teenagers dealing with transplants and organ donors. It must be so tough for them. I think this book is thought-provoking. After I finished it, I better appreciated being healthy. I don’t know if a lot of teenagers will want to read books like this, as it’s a bit depressing. But I liked it.” Female reader, aged 15

"This is such a beautiful and tender book that gave me The Fault In Our Stars vibes. You meet such strong characters that touch your heart instantly. The writing is well done and the sensitive subjects within are handled with care."

GoodReads Reader

To sum up:

“The thought-provoking story of three young adults navigating the complex world of organ transplants. A RED RIBBON WINNER and highly recommended.”

The Wishing Shelf Awards

“I really enjoyed reading this book. Great characters.”

Amazon reviewer

“Three young people have a lot on their plates as transplants become a part of their lives. Each will deal with the situation in different ways as they try to help their family come through the very difficult part of their young lives. A great and powerful read.”

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In The Night Series

“The story revolves around Cinead and Leo, great friends and vampires. However, one is feeling a bit discontent with everything. This is where the plot thickens…

“There was a slight plot twist that I really loved; it added a little dimension to the story. And I adored the epilogue. I also loved that there wasn’t a romance component to this story. It would have just seemed out of place…”

Shakera, Book Blogger

“I liked the Cinead character. He was interesting, a bit mess up, and cool to root for.” Female reader, aged 42

“Enjoyed this vampire novel…” Male reader, aged 54

“I liked the protagonist and the journey he went on… I liked the cave and the clever twist as to who the bloodsuckers were…” Female reader, aged 22

“Cool plot. I loved how the protagonist got to know the other characters in the hamlet. First half is a bit slow, but gets going in the second. I’d recommend it to readers who enjoy thrillers.” Male reader, aged 41

To sum up…

“A cleverly plotted vampire novella with a strong, easy to root for, protagonist.”

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The Lavender Village Series

“This introduction to Lavender Village features bookshop manager, Isabel, fortunately ‘meeting’ Cameron after she falls and hurts her ankle while tramping through the snow two days before Christmas. A quick-paced novella in which the author closes the bedroom door at the right time for this reader😊!”

“The story ends on a surprise note near the bookstore’s quirky armchair which both Isabel and Cameron consider has some magical properties. Although not a cliffhanger, the ending does suggest that there will be further books in the series…and the author in her endnote invites the reader to these.”

“Isabel and Cameron meet in a bookstore in cozy Lavender Village. When she is injured after falling on the ice, he takes her to the house he is renting and takes care of her.

It's a delightful beginning to a new series with loving, caring people and a "magical" chair! Cameron was so undeniably kind and so was this story. I only wish it had been more developed. The ending felt a little rushed. However, I do like this author's writing style and look forward to her series!”

GoodReads Reader 4*

“What a wonderfully different story. Believing in a small town and bookstore was the vase. The best were the loving caring people. The chair was special to me too. You are going to enjoy this story.”

GoodReads Reader 4*

“What a delightful little story. I wished it had even a bit nor fully developed, but still an excellent read. Should be an awesome series!”

GoodReads Reader 4*

“Abigail and stephen met up again at a conference about business. The attraction between the two and the characters is great. She decided to go on a adventure with book characters and Stephen. I'm absolutely loving this book. And the magic behind the chair. And absolutely loved the ending.”

Amazon Reader

“There’s something really strange about that chair in the Book Shop…and boy did it have a strong presence! Caroline McIntosh has really spun a very interesting read with A Sparkling Love. The storyline is somewhat convoluted; the characters are really interesting; the plot needed a road map to follow; but the HEA was simply awesome! You definitely need to get this one for your personal library—it’s a keeper.”

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Reviewed in the United States on April 22, 2024

"Abigail gets a new book goes to a tea shop to wait for Stephen's return. She meets a man named Arthur. Gets a call saying Stephen won't be coming back that day. Arthur keeps inviting Abigail to do things she gets caught by Stephen's father but goes home instead. In the end she chooses Stephen and sends Arthur home."
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