If you are a mood reader like me, sometimes you desire a book that plays with specific tropes you adore. To help you find the right book for your mood, here is a list of the tropes I've played with in some of my books...

The Lavender Village Series

Romance in Lavender Village

  • Holiday romance
  • Sweet romance
  • Strangers to friends
  • Christmas Love
  • Forced proximity

A Fantasy Adventure

  • Heroic fantasy adventure
  • Powerful artefact and magic portal
  • Crossworlds fantasy
  • Grief, loss and forgiveness

A Sparkling Love

  • New romance
  • Second chance romance
  • A hint of fantasy
  • Magic portal chair
  • A perfect gentleman
  • Secrets

A Returning Love

  • Love triangle
  • Romance later in life
  • A hint of magic
  • Magic portal chair


In The Night Series

Blood In The Night

  • Soft vampire story
  • Strangers to friends
  • Magic
  • Fantasy

Shadows In The Night

  • Soft vampire story
  • Friendship
  • Enemy vampires
  • Magic
  • Fantasy
  • Myths & folklore

The Wounds No One Sees

  • Coming of Age
  • Friendship
  • Family and parenting
  • Tender subject - organ donation