Shadows In The Night

Book 2: In The Night Series

Published: 4/8/2022

Three wishes. Two immortals. One last chance to beat back evil and claim a happy ending…

Cinead MacVicar yearns to be free of his need to drink blood. So when his search for an escape leads him to a fairy-pool cave, the conflicted fiend is enthralled by its magical inhabitant’s offer to change him back into a human. But as the metamorphosis begins, his peaceful hamlet falls under attack from a roving band of bloodsuckers.

Refusing to abandon the innocent villagers to a fate worse than death, Cinead’s fear and rage only increase when his guerilla rescue attempt unveils the gang leader as his vampiric sire. And even after his surging mortality places him at a deadly disadvantage, he vows to put his own life on the line for one shot at exacting revenge.

Will Cinead’s secrets nail him in a coffin for eternity?

Shadows In The Night is the spellbinding second novella in The Vampires series of supernatural fantasies. If you like tormented heroes, deep-rooted friendships, and powerful conjurings, then you’ll love C. McIntosh’s fanged fairytale.

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Praise for Shadows In The Night

Reviews From The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

“I liked the Cinead character. He was interesting, a
bit mess up, and cool to root for.” Female reader,
aged 42

“Enjoyed this vampire novel but I think it would help if I read the first book too..." Male reader, aged 54

“Cool plot, I loved how the protagonist got to know
the other characters in the hamlet. First half is a
bit slow, but gets going in the second. I'd recommend
it to readers who enjoy thrillers.” Male reader, aged

“I liked the protagonist and the journey he went on.
I suspect most vampire book fans will find this

“I liked the protagonist and the journey he went on.
I suspect most vampire book fans will find thisinteresting and possibly even exciting... I liked the cave and the clever twist as
to who the bloodsuckers were..." Female reader, aged 22

‘A cleverly plotted vampire novella with a strong, easy to root for, protagonist.’ The Wishing Shelf Awards