10 Relevant & Fun Facts About Me

  1. My love of reading started when I was young and I sat on the couch with my nan reading to me, usually on Sunday afternoons. One of my favorite books was The Butterfly Ball and The Grasshopper’s Feast by Alan Aldridge.
  2. I’m from England. My childhood was spent walking along the seaside, and swimming in the sea on the south coast of Devon and Hampshire.
  3. I love reading so much that I offer beta reading services, too. Any excuse to find more stories in from of my eyes! You can find out more on
  4. You’ll find the books I’ve written under: Caroline McIntosh; C. McIntosh and Devon Bath. Fantasy and romance are the genres – fiction is the umbrella.
  5. I am an award-winning author. I was awarded a Red Ribbon Award for The Wounds No One Sees from The Wishing Shelf Awards
  6. Why romance? I write romance to share love in the world. I believe in offering more love to a world that can sometimes be seen as painful and unfriendly. I believe in offering love stories I am putting more goodness out into the world. Which, I think, is an important thing.
  7. Who inspires me? Authors include Claire Kingsley, Meghan Quinn and J K Rowling.
  8. I value my imagination. That is top in creating my stories.
  9. I live in Canada now. I have for almost 30 years. I live here with my husband and son.
  10. Family is important, isn’t it? I love objects and traditions that can be passed down from one generation to the next. I have a series of stories which feature a very unique and special rocking chair. The prequel to this series is available through my newsletter. It introduces the chair and a couple whose romance begins right next to the family heirloom.


To claim your copy, just  sign up for my newsletter and Bookfunnel will send it to you in a matter of minutes. The story is called Romance in Lavender Village.


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