"At every opportunity love sneaks into the world. It is our job to find it."

Caroline McIntosh


Love can be found in a book or a film or a simple act of goodness. It’s not always magic and it’s not always perfect. But it is there.

It can be messy. It can be scary and uncomfortable. Love can be very awkward and bring self-doubt. But underneath that, it is there.

Love encompasses imagination and freedom.

How? You wonder.

In many ways, through imagination, anything is possible. Imagination takes you to different realms and places. It gives twists in a story, quirky characters and story elements which get mixed-up to provide the most wonderful entertainment.

Without the imagination you wouldn’t see the love. You wouldn’t have it.

Love brings freedom. When the emotions are balanced right, the freedom is there. You can feel the love expand as it soaks into you and leaves you feeling happy and hopeful and smiley.



Caroline McIntosh is an award-winning author. She earned a Red Ribbon award from The Wishing Shelf Book Awards for her book, The Wounds No One Sees (under the pseudonym Devon Bath). Through her writing, she pushes boundaries and believes in the wondrous qualities of love. Caroline’s stories have a strong British influence, from her childhood in southern England. She now lives in Canada with her husband and son.