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Blood In The Night

Book 1: In The Night Series

Published: 4/16/2023

The Power to Fight A Bully

And win every time!

Self-appointed vigilante, Leo de Beckett doesn’t like this idea. He loves it!

To have the speed of the run in a chase

To have the strength to knock the coward’s heads together

To take on three, four or five nasties… who cares how many?...

Shadows In The Night

Book 2: In The Night Series

Published: 4/8/2022

Three wishes. Two immortals. One last chance to beat back evil and claim a happy ending…

Cinead MacVicar yearns to be free of his need to drink blood. So when his search for an escape leads him to a fairy-pool cave, the conflicted fiend is enthralled by its magical inhabitant’s offer to cha...

Praise for Shadows In The Night

Reviews From The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

“I liked the Cinead character. He was interesting, a
bit mess up, and cool to root for.” Female reader,
aged 42

“Enjoyed this vampire novel but I think it...