A Sparkling Love

Published: 2/17/2024

It’s been several months since the chair in the bookshop had any influence over anything. The last time it did, Abigail swore she’d have nothing to do with it again. So, when Abigail has a chance meeting with Stephen – from the bookshop, and then a surprise request - she does all she can to keep herself together and refuse his appeal.
But something melts inside her, and she agrees to go on another adventure. This time, she prepares to act as a wedding planner for a royal couple. Between the slices of wedding cake, rumours spreading around the staff and her official duties, Abigail discovers a soft side to Stephen.
Stephen believes the chair has ulterior motives beyond the royal wedding, but he doesn't have the courage to disclose it to Abigail. He’s not even sure what his feelings are for her. Can he untangle them and show her before the chair demands them to return?

Praise for A Sparkling Love