A Returning Love

Published: 4/27/2024

Up to its tricks again, the rocking chair in the bookshop plays with Abigail when she collects her new book from the shop. Knowing that Abigail’s partner is stuck in France, the chair throws an Italian character into the village to see how much Abigail really loves her boyfriend, Stephen.

While Abigail won’t say she’s not attracted to the Italian, Arturo. She will admit that she is torn between him and Stephen. The more time passes and each day that Stephen can’t return, the more time she spends with the book-character – unbeknown to her.

But complications arise, Stephen’s father sees them together and even her own son questions her motives until Abigail begins to read the new book when she realizes that something is going on. And that Arthur hasn’t told her the whole truth.

What will she do? Will she resolve the matter before Stephen does return?