A Fantasy Adventure

Published: 11/17/2023

An evil pumpkin-head, a magic chair portal and a stressed-out widow.

Abigail never knew that her husband’s death would invoke such a power within her.

Abigail Wren is not superhuman. Neither does she have a prophecy over her.

Here’s what she does have:
A problem: the grief of her husband’s death.

So, when she finds quiet by sitting in a rocking chair in the bookshop, the chair’s secrets wind their way into her mind, allowing her freedom from her fears.

Also, while sitting in the chair, she is transported to a mysterious pub where a nasty Pumpkin-head barman serves the drinks, despite the friendly atmosphere.

Only this joy is temporary.

As the chair also allows Abigail’s daughter in, reminding her of the pain.

The monstrous pumpkin-head stirs up magic of his own. A dark, evil brew. And Serena disappears - along with him.

Abigail faces a terrible choice: save Serena, or she gets pulled into the pumpkin-head’s dark book forever!
But in order for her to save her daughter, Abigail has to admit her true feelings about her husband’s death.

Find your favourite seat and join Abigail on this fantasy adventure. Grab your copy today!’