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The "Transplant Dance"

Character Quiz

You go into a hospital, you feel:

  1. In awe of all the big machines
  2. Intimidated and terrified
  3. Momentarily sad and rather heavy
  4. Hopeful, it’s a good place for a sick person

You find a camera on a table at a café, but no one is around, do you...?

  1. Tell the owner of the shop?
  2.  Pick it up and take a picture, but leave it where you found it?
  3. Walk past without seeing it? You are far too busy to notice such details.
  4. Wonder if the owner will come back to get the camera?

You have had an argument with a family member, what’s your next step?

  1. Hesitate to cool down. I argue with them all the time.
  2. Apologize… but, wait a couple of hours.
  3. Never apologize, life’s too short.
  4. Analyze and dissect the argument and hope you can get over it soon.

A video of you dancing or exercising has gone viral and the local fitness club calls you up to invite you to join, do you:

  1. Pause and say, “Tango? The classics, that sort of thing? I’ll join if I learn that.”
  2. Decline. Don’t even consider it.
  3. Say, “Hell, yes! Chance of a lifetime!”
  4. Say, “Me? Dancing? No, you must be mistaken.”

What genre of book is your favorite?

  1. Sciences
  2. Arts
  3. Morals, folklore
  4. Self-help

What is your favourite colour?

  1. Red
  2. Green
  3. Multi-colored. Can’t pick just one!
  4. Blue

Does magic exist?

  1. Absolutely! Always.
  2. What? No? It is proven as an illusion
  3. Yeah, I can go along with that
  4. Let me discuss that. Really? Magic, I suppose there are small ways for miracles to happen


Mostly 1s

You are most like Nurse Gabriel, whose real name is Gabriel Ashford.
You enjoy the sciences and the intricacies, such as medicine or machines. You understand health and the importance of keeping active. You are very knowledgeable about how things work and their functions.
Just like Gabriel, though, you probably shine a lot of compassion to your friends.
Mostly 2s
You are most like Aiden Corwin. You prefer to be behind the scenes than in the spotlight. You like photography and creating things but you’re not big on sport. You are practical and like small gadgets, you would probably enjoy doing the Rubik’s Cube or a puzzle. You can be a little aloof at times and you like to see competence in people.


Mostly 3s

You are most like Zafirah Negrassi. You love to dance and move, you’re very enthusiastic and feisty in all your decisions. You are strong and like color and won’t say no to risk-taking. The more adventurous, the better.


Mostly 4 s

You are most like Tanya James. You are very independent. You enjoy sport to a point, but you could live without having to include it in your day. You love beauty and elegance. You are very organized and responsible for any project assigned to you.


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