He protects the innocent. Will he follow his principles down a dark path?


Leo de Beckett hates bullies with a vengeance. So the skilled mercenary eagerly accepts a contract to stop a vicious gang stealing fish from a hardworking businessman. But after he threatens the ruffians in the local tavern, he’s ambushed by their accomplices… until a mysterious stranger steps in and maims them all.


Curious how and why his lightning-fast benefactor fought so many on his behalf, de Beckett searches in vain for clues. But little does he know that finding the noble warrior could come with an irreversible supernatural bargain.


Will de Beckett’s vow to deliver justice transform him into a monster?


Blood In The Night is the intriguing first book of the In The Night fantasy series. If you like action-packed tales, innovative vampire plots, and unusual characters, then you’ll love C. McIntosh’s journey into the unknown.


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